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top5 Affordable Audio & Web   conferencing solutions from  A+ Conferencing

we can individually bill the participants on your conference calls!
Wholesale pricing for top performing audio conferencing, video conferencing, web
conferencing and additional teleconferencing solutions.

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Leading Web Conferencing Company offering Audio & Web Conferencing Services
A+ Conferencing is a one-stop source for many of the top performing audio conferencing, web conferencing and teleconferencing services at some of the lowest prices available today. Fifty years in the conferencing business gives us the experience to provide you with some of the best conferencing solutions and customer service in the industry. Let our consultants help you determine which service(s) will best meet both your budget and your goals. Whether you need audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, conference calls or teleconferencing services A + Conferencing has the perfect solution to match your needs!

Reservationless conferencing at low rates

A+ provides a complete range of supporting teleconference services including: video email, virtual office, online registration, credit card processing and billing services for businesses.

The Web Conferencing Store
The Web Conferencing Store - You now have one source from which to choose the most effective web conferencing solution(s) for each of your needs. A+ Conferencing offers several of today's top web conferencing, online training, and webinar services at below market prices.

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A web conferencing solution that is affordable and practical for the entire enterprise.
Easy to Use Audience Friendly
One-click publishing of PowerPoint, Word or Excel files
Desktop/application sharing Multiple Host Control
Web tours
Reservationless phone conferencing integration
Low Cost Audio/Video Conferencing Services
Low Cost Audio Conferencing & Video Conferencing Services - Our reservationless, passcode and operator assisted conference calls are offered at wholesale pricing for resellers, agents and mid to high volume customers.

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Total Event Management
Total Event Management - Experienced event coordinators will manage any or all phases of your event from setting up invitations and registration to helping you select the audio conferencing, video conferencing and/or web conferencing services that will best achieve your goals for marketing, webinar, training or IR events.

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Townhall Meeting Service
Townhall Meeting Service allows for large numbers (several thousands) of conferees or constituents to participate in conference calls. This service originated in the political market and is used today by associations, labor unions, religious organizations, celebrities and political organizations at the local, state and national levels. The service works like this: A+ would upload the list of constituents into the system and program messages for the live answers and voicemails. When the meeting is started, the system starts dialing out rapidly to all of the members on the list. The members that answer the incoming call listen to the short message and then are automatically connected to the conference call on a "listen only" basis. Members, who don't answer the live call, but get the voicemail can dial an 800-number and be placed into the call. An A+ co-host can run a Q&A session and any polling that needs to occur. A+ screeners handle the screening of questions from the conferees. For more information on Town Hall Meeting Service, or on becoming an agent/reseller for A+ Conferencing, please contact Mary Hawkins at 888-239-3969 or maryh@nwpros.com.
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MLM Conferencing
Religious Organizations
Seminar Conferencing

Audio & Web Conferencing Services provided by A+ Conferencing at Affordable Rates – Leader in Web Conferencing Services Solutions

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