Agents and Resellers

A+ offers agents some of the lowest buy rates in the industry.

Conferencing Agents

As an A+ agent, you will receive a set of low buy rates that allows you to establish your own prices and make 50% margins or better. We provision, bill, collect and then remit to you the difference between the buy and sell rates.

To have a copy of the agent package sent to you, please enter your email address below and click "Go". You will then receive an email guiding you to a link to retrieve the proper information. If you have any questions on the Master Agent program, please email Mike Burns or Susan Farraj or, you may call either of them at 888-239-3969.

We look forward to a very successful and profitable relationship for both of us.

Conferencing Resellers

Low wholesale buy rates and exceptional customer service for resellers. A+ Conferencing provides resellers with the following:

  • Private labeled reseller services
  • We can answer your line with a customized greeting in your name
  • Private label certain web conferencing services
  • Private labeled teleservices including
  • Outbound and inbound telemarketing

We provide the reservations, operator services, automated calling, customer service, billing, collections and remit the difference between your buy and sell rates on a twice per month basis. If you would like to do your own billing, we can send you the call detail.

If you have any questions, please email Mike Burns or call him at 888-239-3969. for more information — or to receive a reseller contract, fill in your e-mail address below and we will send you one immediately.


Our Private Label Reseller program features low wholesale rates, which allows you to offer your customers some of the best retail rates in the business.

To receive more information on the Private Label Reseller program, please input your e-mail to your right and click "Go", or just call us at 888-239-3969.

Let us show you how our conferencing solution is the most affordable and practical for the entire enterprise. Call us at 1-888-239-3969, or signup online by clicking the button to the right...

About Us

About Us

A+ Conferencing has over 50 years of experience in the industry focusing on providing audio, video and web conferencing services.

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As an A+ agent, you will receive a set of low buy rates that allows you to establish your own prices and make 50% margins or better.

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We are a full service conferencing company specializing in Web Conferencing, Audio & Video Conferencing, Event Conferencing and more...

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Contact Us

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