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Start-Video is a desktop video conference and collaboration tool that provides an easy to use video conferencing solution at a price that small and medium sized businesses can afford. All you need is your PC, a webcam and access to the internet to connect face to face with your audience.

Start-Video also allows you to share your desktop, and share files that your guests may download to their PC. Additional features include chat, polling, built in recording and VOIP audio. Users may choose to use the built in VOIP feature, but we recommend using A+ true audio conferencing service with the video platform for the best experience.

Let us show you how our conferencing solution is the most affordable and practical for the entire enterprise. Call us at 1-888-239-3969, or signup online by clicking the button to the right...

About Us

About Us

A+ Conferencing has over 50 years of experience in the industry focusing on providing audio, video and web conferencing services.

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As an A+ agent, you will receive a set of low buy rates that allows you to establish your own prices and make 50% margins or better.

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We are a full service conferencing company specializing in Web Conferencing, Audio & Video Conferencing, Event Conferencing and more...

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